Hello everybody concerned…

please read this carefully because I am giving you as written overview about my concerns, my mindset and my worries.

First of all I would like to thank everyone involved. First of all Irie and Khatib. Thank you for all the effort you put into this case so far.

Thank you Stella for being such a help in the last year.

Thank you Nassor for picking up this case.

In my last 3 years of doing business in Zanzibar I have learned mainly one thing about almost everybody else: Things are promised and then not delivered.

I have been fighting against a illegal bar in the bushes in Kizimkazi, bringing illegal badges of new women from mainland to be fucked every few weeks, playing music until 5 in the morning in an unbelievable level. People in Kizimkazi talk about new “containers” having arrived… Clearly this is not compliant with any Tanzanian or Zanzibarian laws, let alone any moral laws from Islam.

Still we were not able to stop this business, neither people concerned, nor the Sheha, nor police, nor any official in Unguja South did anything.

Each one we talked to, cared a lot and promised us by Allah, that things are going to chance quickly. There have been even court rules…


That is my major learning experience. Things don’t change as long as you can’t force the change by your own power. Meaning, you know someone involved or in that family, or you bribe the police or you just go there and reopen a property that you don’t own.

We can also speak about the property struggle of Mnana Lodge, let alone the struggles around Teddys Place and New Teddys. I see that in general promises can not be trusted.

I fully paid my resident visa in 2016 and it looks like the immigration officer took the money to himself and is now off to mainland. It has always been hamna shida and the money is gone. 

It looks like services that are paid front up will not be delivered in Zanzibar. At least that is what my experience shows me. I don’t know a single case where the full amount was paid upfront and the service was delivered. Even all my works with Talib Nussab of Stallion Attorney, was paid 50% 50%. Half front up, half after delivery.

This leads to the situation that there are only 2 people left in Zanzibar whom I trust at the moment. One is my former manager: ESTELLA SIMON, the second is: IRIE APAWE.

These are the only people to whom I would give any money up front.

I also want to trust KHATIB and NASSOR because you seem to be very honest at the moment.

NASSOR, I talked to you before we started the process that I am not going to pay the full amount front up. I invested all my money and 2 years of work into the Caveman Project. That I am not looking for openening or winning a case, but that I am looking to get any repayment. 

We used to work with 5 local people fulltime at Caveman. All of them have supported their entire families with the money and all of them are out of job at the moment. I would like to create new opportunities to work with them. That is my main goal of reinvesting in Zanzibar at all. But therefor I need some of my money back.

Who ever helps me with that shall be paid for it.

At this point we have seen some progress, but all of this been really slow.

I am used to sitting together with a lawyer, discussing the matter:

1. preparing a written roadplan 

2. a discussion about fees and negotiations about the payment

3. a written confirmation of the order

4. receiving ALL of the written documents in copy for commenting withing 3 days

5. filing the case after another 3 days

I know that for some Zanzibar reasons things take longer in Zanzibar and I decided to keep quite and did others do the talking, especially Khatib, and Irie… now more and more Estella.

I agreed on the proposed 6million shilling in case of an agreement and told Khatib to do the negotiations about it.

I agreed on: 

– 2 million front up

– 2 million after case

– 2 million after money transfer

I want to remind that I communicated that openly from the beginning.

I also agreed on paying the court fees upfront.

When I heard about the 100.000tsh for the registrar of companies i send the money within minutes.

BUT… until today I have neither seen a receipt nor in invoice for that money, which gives me no proof on where the money was spend. I will need that to my local tax authorities.

I send this money because I talked to KHATIB.

Furthermore I know from other court cases that things have to be correct. And correct means correct. If there is a mistake, the documents will not be accepted in court.

On all documents do far, my name is written wrong. In a European court that would mean… the case is not in my name, and we would definitely lose the case. I trust NASSORS explanation: In law slip of spelling is curable…

But, that leaves me a bit suspicious, what kind of mistakes might me in the Swahili part of the documents. 

So far I have only the assurance: We are gonna win!

To me, that is worth as much as hamna shida. Only actions count now!

Please take all of the above written into account. I do want to keep working with you and I am looking forward to work with you in the future. If we win the case, there will be a new company and a new business… and so on…

Nevertheless I am careful.

To date I lost:

– 14 Million for the boat

– 20 Million for the construction of Caveman

– 10 Million for the Immigration

  roughly 150 Million in invested work labor

That adds up to an investment of almost 200 Million Shilling. And all I got for it so far is: HAMNA SHIDA…

Please help me with turning that Zanzibar experience around.

My payment suggestion:


– 1 Million shilling monthly for 6 month (based on invoices)


– 2 Million upfront, 2 Million after case, 2 Million after settlement (based on invoices)


– all expenses upfront (based on invoices)